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Gen-zers have brought in a new wave of social activism in a bid to bring forth awareness to issues that affect humanity and the world around us. The Gen-Z are a generation that actively fight for equality and social issues in every division possible. We cannot undermine how much social media has played a major influence in bringing awareness to many issues for example the recent Sudan crisis which led to individuals putting up a blue screen as their profile pictures to bring awareness on what was going on, especially for those from other parts of the world who may not fully understand the magnitude of the crisis.

The blue wave has spread across various platforms via the #BlueForSudan hashtag, as Twitter and Instagram users attempt to honour the memory of one of the victims: Mohamed Mattar, whose favourite colour was reportedly blue. Mattar was reportedly shot while trying to protect two women during the bloody dispersal of the protest camp outside the military headquarters.

For some in the wider Sudanese community, the #BlueForSudan campaign represented all of the Sudanese people who have fallen in the uprising and it symbolises that people from all over the world cared about the livelihood of every individual within Sudan during the times of their political unrest whilst also bringing hope. Since then, stories about Sudan have gained momentum online, particularly since the colour blue began to go viral.

Social media has been largely responsible for spreading the news of the crisis, shaping much of the news agenda abroad. Protesters and self-styled citizen journalists used social media to organise demonstrations and also to share updates from the uprising with the rest of the world.

Not only do we face issues that affect humanity but also those that affect the environment, new measures are now being put into place for people to understand the detrimental effects of climate change on the environment. Gen-z use technology and the influence they have to fight for various causes. Just like millennials, Gen Z-ers are also driven to do good in whatever way they can to make the world a better place.

According to Research sources, this particular generation care about various environmental issues (76% of Gen-Zers are concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet) as well as social causes such as racial, gender, and income inequality. Majority are willing to try out new things if they know it’ll be for the better, such as recycling, donating food and clothing, purchasing sustainable, renewable products and being more efficient with their energy consumption.

Gen-Zers are a highly socially conscious generation with a strong desire to give back and participate in social programs, creating a sense of purpose which heightens engagement. They mobilise themselves for a variety of causes and believe in the efficacy of dialogue to solve conflicts and improve the world.

There are numerous ways you can implement new schemes within your business through encouraging social mobility and social responsibility.

Depending on your business, there are a number of ways to invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR): Donating to charity – this could be done through donating a small portion of your sales to a charity or a particular cause. Firstly, find a charity or cause to support, then pledge to give something every time shoppers purchase something from you

Sourcing and producing your products responsibly – CSR can also mean being more conscious of how you source and produce your merchandise. Are you implementing human- and environment-friendly business practices?

Using sustainable and renewable materials to create your products Being efficient with your energy and power consumption which can also be implemented amongst workers within your business.

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