Sowing the Seeds: Our Children's Education (PEARSON PLC)

With 2.32 million students studying at UK higher education institutions alone,

there's never been such a rapid requirement to meet the needs of the most widely connected generation yet. Pearson sought to learn more about how attitudes towards education had adapted.


Two focus group discussions were undertaken by WOM Services to consult members of ‘Generation-Z’, exploring further their relationship with education, attitudes and behaviors towards it, and those attitudes would change at different education levels (Secondary, 6th Form/College & University). We also invited a wider group of young people to complete a survey around the topic of education.


Analysis of the qualitative data revealed 7 key themes among the discussion. We demonstrated some findings from the data we collected during our discussions with the young people. The themes & patterns we discovered are as stated below:

  • Theme 1. What ‘education’ means to Generation-Z

  • Theme 2. Education’s effect on future employability

  • Theme 3. Other influences on learning outside the quality of the education

  • Theme 4. The effectiveness of technology as an educational resource

  • Theme 5. Methods of learning

  • Theme 6. Methods of revision

  • Theme 7. Learning outside the curriculum

Research Impact

Our findings can be found in Pearson's Global Learner Survey here. The data produced from this research was used by Pearson to form part of a greater study into how education has changed over the years, and contributed directly to discussions around making educational curriculum more relevant for young people today.

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